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Weathering the Storm Wellbeing Webinars Phase 2 - Themed sessions

    In Phase 2 sessions will be focussing on Staff Wellbeing; Anxiety & Low Mood; Stress and Trauma; Emotionally based school avoidance; and lastly Bereavement and Loss. 

    There will also be additional topics available based on YOUR feedback and priorities

    Dates will be added to the training booking page on the website

    Delegates will be able to access all the training materials and additional resources / information to support cascade / further training back in schools.

    The training is based on Wellbeing for Education Return, a national programme initiated and funded by the DfE.


Dr Tina RaeTo access the slides and other resources from this session please click here

Dr Tina Rae, ‘A Toolbox of Wellbeing’ for Cornwall, live webinar Q&A

The Hub is delighted to announce that Dr Tina Rae, consultant educational and child psychologist, speaker and author will be joining us for a live online webinar and Q&A session on:

Tuesday 8th December 2020 4.00pm – 6.00pm.

This session was a tremendous success. Head over to the resources area to access the slides and a recordning of the webinar,